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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it will take that I can see new Twitter followers in my Twitter Account?
It will usually take anywhere from 6-24 hours to set your order up in our queue system after you ordered for them and after this amount of time you will be able to see new Twitter followers in your Twitter account.

Is there a chances that my Twitter account can get banned or deleted by Twitter for buying the fake followers?
We have already been delivered almost 20 million followers to over 10,000 customers and have never had a complaint of client’s Twitter account get banned. We’ve tested our methods many times and have never had any kind of issues regarding to our delivery and marketing methods.

How many Twitter followers will I receive on daily basis?
It’s totally depend on the number of orders in our queue system you will receive anywhere from 500-1000 new Twitter followers on daily basis until your order is fulfilled.

What’s the guarantee that I Twitter followers won’t lose after completion of delivery?
Most Twitter accounts will see some amount of attenuation; usually it varies between 5%-8%. If you see attenuation rate any larger within 120 days of our order delivered please contact us and we will deliver any lost followers in very small amount of time.

How will be my followers delivered?
We will deliver the followers directly to your Twitter account in small amount of time you ordered them because we have a very big server so our service is very fast and you can easily trust us.

What is the maximum time it takes to deliver my followers?
We will deliver you the followers as fast as possible and it will take maximum 24hours that we will deliver followers to your account.

Is the payment way secure?
Our payment way is 100% secure and you can trust on us your bank account will be secure. Because all of our transactions are done from a very secure server.

What is the surety that the followers will be real?
All the followers we provide you will be 100% real because we provide you the followers from the real and active Twitter account. So there is no any chance that we provide you the fake followers. And you can easily trust on us.

What’s the surety that Twitter followers are targeted followers which I ordered?
We provide the targeted followers that you demand there is 100% surety that the followers we delivered to you will be the followers which you ordered. So you don’t need to take tension about this.

How can I contact you?
You may contact us anytime you face problem by just sending us a mail to our mail id and we will reply you in very small amount of time and will try our best to solve your complaint and provide you our service very best. So if you have any kind of queries then please send us and we will be more than happy to assist you.